老板 常见问题

  • 我的房子租金是多少?

    There is no true "rule of thumb" to give you an accurate answer to your question because 变量太多了. The price is dependent on size, location, updates and more.

    The best way to get the answer to "How much rent can I get for my property?是用来交谈的 我们的一个员工. 你没有任何费用或义务. 请今天通过电子邮件与我们闲和庄 info@cachetmakerbourse.com or (913) 469-6633.  我们期待着与您交谈!

  • 我怎么做才能让我的房子租得更快?

    租房者 are different from buyers in that they care more about the appearance of your home 而不是像屋顶有多古老. 下面是你可以做的最重要的事情 prospective renter and make your house lease faster:

    • 你的房子需要打扫干净. 这是巨大的!
    • 墙壁看上去应该是新粉刷的.
    • 地板应处于良好状态.
    • Finish all repairs that have been on your "to do" list.
  • 我的房子要多久才能租出去?

    对出租房屋的需求比以往任何时候都多! 空置房则不然 good for the house, your cash flow or our reputation so we want to get it rented to a 合格的 尽快租出去. The most important factors that will determine how fast your 房屋租赁就是化妆品和清洁.

    我们会尽量让你轻松地完成这个过程! 一旦你决定雇用我们,我们就见面 virtually or in person to start on the details of your home. 在那次会议之后,通常 takes us a couple of days to have your house professionally listed across all of our marketing 渠道. (Keep in mind that we take pictures of your house and create a professional listing 在此过程中跨多个网站.)

    We receive and respond to hundreds of new prospective renter calls, emails and referrals each 月. We always have a strong pool of interested prospective renters looking for a place to 打电话回家. Your house will be listed across multiple rental web sites. 此外,准 renters can register on our web site for the Subscribe to Listings service that emails them 当您的新列表可用时!

  • 闲和庄如何推广我的房屋?

    To get your home leased in the shortest period of time to the best 可能的租客,你需要最好的曝光. 我们的网站,额外的行业特定的网络 sites, professional yard signs, printed advertising and corporate marketing catapult your 房地产进入聚光灯下. Additionally, our continual contact with many of the large corporations in 堪萨斯 City, as well as thousands of real estate agents, gives us access to a 强大的潜在租客群体.
  • What assurance do I have that the renters are 合格的?

    We perform an extensive series of checks to qualify every prospective renter:

    • Secure a national credit report on each adult resident.
    • Obtain a criminal, sex offender, terrorist and background report on each adult resident.
    • We gather rental history when applicable, and do an eviction search.
    • 核实他们的收入和就业情况.
  • 你们是城里最便宜的公司吗?

    There are 公司 that charge more 比我们做的要多 and there are 公司 that charge less 比我们做的要多. There are also many pieces to the pricing structure of almost all the leasing and 闲和庄.

    For example, one company may charge you for advertising your home, but have a lower leasing 委员会. A不her company might charge a lower management fee, but 不 offer the same level 另一家公司提供的服务. The old saying of "you get what you pay for" usually 在物业租赁和管理方面也是如此. 其他自称做房地产的“公司” management are actually an individual with a web site. 一定要聘请一家有经验的公司 dedicated staff for marketing, leasing, coordination of maintenance and 月ly accounting.


    • 尽快把你的房子租出去.
    • 为了尽可能高的租金.
    • 给最好的房客.

    If your house will lease for $1,600 per 月, you're losing about $400 every week that it's 空. So you want look at more than the price of services you want to know all the services 来实现这三个关键部分.

    We feel that we offer the most comprehensive service package in our industry while being very 与我们的价格相比有竞争力.

  • 为什么我应该选择闲和庄?

    我们与拥有多处房产的投资者合作. 我们也与那些不这样做的业主合作 have a lot of experience having a home leased and managed on their behalf.

    Here are some of the reasons why we're the largest and most award winning residential property management company in 堪萨斯 City:

    • 我们从1989年开始营业.
    • We efficiently and successfully manage over $200 million in real estate investments for 我们的客户.
    • 我们的电话是由a接的 真实的人 一周6天.
    • You will be assigned one of our professional property managers.
    • 我们的租赁代理每周7天带人看房.
    • 我们的大部分业务都是通过网络进行的 based tools, including electronic agreements, direct deposits, 月ly 声明及更多.
    • We collect and process over $7 million in rents for 我们的客户 each year.
    • We are able to show the home while you still live there. 空置的房子不利于 你的现金流,你的财产还是我们的 reputation so we want to find you a 合格的 renter as quickly as 可能的.
    • We have a large professional network in the 堪萨斯 City area to locate 合格的 renters.
    • 我们所做的 出售房屋或做商业租赁.  我们的全部注意力 is dedicated to leasing and maintaining your residential property.
    • We are licensed and active members in the national and local board of Realtors and in the National Association of Residential 物业经理(NARPM). 这些组织保证 道德 商业行为 并提供 正在进行的教育 专业物业管理 公司.
    • Your home will be professionally advertised on popular rental web sites including Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads等等.
  • 租赁合同是你们提供并准备的吗?

    绝对!  Our lease has been written and reviewed by a team of 1989年以来的律师.  这是为了保护你这个房东.  预期 for both owner and renter are clear and easy to understand.
  • 我的房子一定要空着你才能来看吗? 或者在我还住在那里的时候把我的房子展示给别人看?

    我们来这里是为了尽量减少你的空缺!  我们建议开始放映 about 60 days before you know the home will be available for renters to move in.  这个想法 is we have a new renter ready to move in just as you are moving out.  当然,我们会的 work around your time frame and what is most convenient/comfortable for you.  下 road, our Lease agreement likewise allows for the home to be marketed for lease and/or sale the 租期的最后60天.  Again, to help minimize vacancy time in between renters!
  • 租期有多长?

    我们的租期一般是12个月. 这取决于租客 需要和你所认同的. We write many multi-year leases, but don't often see a 申请6个月或以下的租约. We always have your best interests in mind and will 与您讨论任何报价的租赁日期.